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Fighting Chance founder James Bragg: a senior corporate marketing executive, a career-long change agent who has always challenged “conventional wisdom” in our ever-changing world. He reinvented himself over two decades ago as a consumer advocate for the millions of new-car shoppers who dread the purchase process, but suffer through it every time they buy or lease a new vehicle.

A graduate of Phillips Academy (Andover), Yale (Phi Beta Kappa/Magna Cum Laude) and the Harvard Business School, he’s been a Procter & Gamble Brand Manager, a Hunt-Wesson New Products Director, a senior marketing officer at two Fortune 500 companies and a partner in a fast-growing Los Angeles advertising agency, where he created the presentation that won the $5 million client whose yearly ad budget grew to $50 million.

He's also been a regular commentator on Marketplace, National Public Radio's weekday business program, and a contributor to the website of Clark Howard, the country's best-known and most respected “general” consumer advocate. (15 of his articles are on that site today.)

No Auto-Info Site Can Serve Two Masters.
He Serves Just One: You, The New-Car Shopper.

With 25+ years and over 75,000 hours focused solely on this subject, he’s the country’s most knowledgeable consumer advocate for new-car buyers — and the only one telling you the whole truth and how to use it to win. Unlike those big online car-shopping and information services, which get the bulk of their revenue from the auto industry, Fighting Chance has never taken a dime from dealers or automakers and never will.

So you can get the information and advice you need for the second most expensive purchase every family makes from those sites or from Fighting Chance. Those are your choices.

As Bragg said, “I started this business for two reasons: (1) I wanted a job in which the only jerk I had to deal with was the one in the mirror. (Can you say that?) (2) As a lifelong marketing analyst/executive, I wanted to tackle a significant consumer problem. The category was an easy choice. Millions of Americans buy or lease a new car every year, and they’d rather have their molars pulled than walk into a car store to haggle. I was convinced that there had to be a way to shift much of the negotiating power from the dealer to the customer. I guess I got lucky.”

We realize there's a lot of information here. But a new car is the second most expensive purchase we make, and you may do it several times in your life. Used effectively, these facts and action recommendations will enable you to take full control of the purchase process from now on.”

“James once heard Stephanie Klein, a popular blogger, say Tell the truth, or someone else will tell it for you. In this category, he's that someone else.”

“I’m not selling information, I’m selling personal empowerment.”

“I don't have to do this. I get to do it!”

“I've been doing it since before the Dead Sea even got sick. And I still love my job.”