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If you don't believe knowledge is power, check our fan mail.


Note: All prices reported by our customers are those negotiated above or below the TOTAL DEALER INVOICE PRICE and exclude any cash incentives in effect.

By contrast, those other automotive sites report the "savings" people realize using their dealer networks against the RETAIL/STICKER PRICE! But who pays the sticker price? Only the guy who thinks Taco Bell is a Mexican phone company.

In addition, their reported "savings" often include customer or dealer cash incentives — incentives that even Goofy gets automatically.

So how "true" or useful is their information?

You’re one of the sharpest knives in the drawer. Your objective is to get the best price available, which is often much lower than those "corporate" web sites' "target" recommendations, as you'll see below in our customers' transaction reports.

After you've read through several, ask yourself, "Why doesn’t a single one of those "corporate" auto sites list testimonials like these? Could it be that the information and advice they provide isn't good enough to elicit this kind of customer enthusiasm?"

Ya think?

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  • "This is the 3rd time I've used Fighting Chance, and it was awesome! The sticker price on our Hyundai Elantra Coupe was $24,035, and the invoice total was $22,915. The only incentives were for active military and recent college grads, neither of which fit us. We paid $20,200, $2,715 below the dealer invoice. The other four price proposals: $293 below invoice. $400 below. $1,406 below. And $2,915 below (bid came too late)."

    "For kicks, I checked the target prices for the vehicle in my zip code on several auto info websites, and they were pitiful. Consumer Reports' Estimated Subscriber Price in their Build & Buy program was $1,635 higher. TrueCar's Estimated Price was $2,109 higher. Kelley Blue Book's Fair Purchase Price was $2,624 higher. Edmunds' True Market Value was $2,825 higher. And's Smart Target Price was $2,977 higher!"

    "I don't get why so many people follow their advice like rats following the Pied Piper of Hamelin into the river. Don't they know those sites get all their revenue from car companies and dealers? We'll never buy a car any other way."

  • K.C., Carmichael, CA

  • "Thank you! I just purchased an Infiniti G37 Journey sedan on Friday. I got a GREAT deal, thanks to your program. I started calling dealers Thursday. By Friday I had some great offers. Every time I would call and tell them I was going to buy from someone else I would get another offer. (I did not ask for a better offer.) I only wanted to call each dealer twice - but how could I say no? (I never sent an email; this was all done over the phone. And the maximum number of times I spoke to a dealer was 4.)"

    "The deal I got was: MSRP: $39,805. Invoice: $36,752. Deal price: $34,500, $2,252 below invoice, excluding a dealer incentive of $1,000 which he did not have to give me, I was told. I was taxed on the $33,500. (There's no tax on dealer incentives.) I also received as a bonus a spoiler and its installation ($650 retail) and 2 oil changes ($60 each). Estimating those two items at $500 brought the price to $2,752 below invoice!"

    "As I was signing the paperwork, the Finance Manager told me what a great deal I got. He showed me his screen, which showed a loss for them of $3,103. I'm not sure how they came up with that number."

    "I was told the reason they made that deal: They had to sell just one more vehicle to make their Infiniti bonus at the end of that month."

    "When I called to order the Fighting Chance package, I mentioned how difficult it had been for me to walk out of the dealership without buying the car. But walking out and following your plan saved me $3,000, compared to the quote the dealership had given me when I test drove the car. Plus, I got a free spoiler and two free oil changes. Thank you!"

  • D.R., Half Moon Bay, CA

  • "I wanted an Acura MDX base model with an MSRP of $43,815 and a dealer invoice of $40,596 (including a $300 regional advertising fee). I first checked to see what Consumer Reports recommended. That organization is now an affiliate of and uses TrueCar's information for its 'enhanced' New Car Price Report. CR's report showed that a 'Good Price' on that vehicle in my area was $42,235, a 'Great Price' was $40,471, and their 'Bottom Line' price (defined as 'The place to start negotiating, taking into account the dealer incentives and holdbacks that may be in effect') was $39,308. CR ended up saying that its 'Estimated Price' in the 'Build & Buy Service' through its (TrueCar's) local participating dealer network was $40,471, the same price CR defined as a 'Great Price.'

    "Then I ran across your website, and am I glad I did! Using your recommended competitive bidding process, I got that MDX for $38,575 — $3,660 below Consumer Reports' (TrueCar's) 'GoodPrice,' $1,896 below their 'Great Price,' (which is also CR's 'Build & Buy' price), and $733 below CR's 'Bottom Line Price.' "

    "I got five other bids below Consumer Reports' (TrueCar's) $40,471 'Great/Build & Buy' price: $38,588, $39,385, $38,487, $39,727 and $$40,087."

    "I now realize that I can get much better deals than those 'target prices' recommended by sites like those. And if I can do it, anyone can. Thank you for such a great information package."

  • R.H., Pound Ridge, NY

  • "I thought that I had really done my homework. I had studied all the other sites on how to negotiate and come up with a figure to give the dealer. Find the invoice, subtract a percentage, add a percentage, etc. The MSRP of my Mercedes-Benz GL-Class SUV was $75,335, and invoice was $70,824 (including destination fee)."

    "The advice on those other auto sites would lead to a price of approximately $71,400. I fully intended on going into the dealer and offering $70,000.00 before taxes, registration, tag, etc."

    "I'm don't consider myself a good communicator, so I was skeptical of how I was going to do in the initial phone calls, but it went pretty easily by following your instructions. I sent the email attack to 7 dealers. Four of them worked for my potential sale. Three of those submitted decent first amounts, but the lowest of the ones pitched was incredible sounding. When I emailed and told the others, they all called me and said that they couldn't touch that price. So, I went with a dealer that was 2 1/2 hours from my home."

    "I wound up paying $5,972 BELOW INVOICE! (The next best bid was $3,000 below.) I left the dealership with my car, and they had a check from me for the $69,239 Out-the-Door price! Not a cent more! Just imagine the difference if I would have received that great 'deal' of a dealer accepting my $70k, + 6% FL sales tax, + tags, registration, etc. Tax on 70k alone is $4200 here!"

    "All that said, this was the BEST $39.95 I have ever spent in my life!!! I fully expected to pay $80k Out the Door, but wound up spending almost $11k below my initial calculations. Thanks so much for everything!"

  • M.V., Cantonment, FL

  • "I have used your service twice, and each time there has been at least a $2,000 difference between the high and low offer. I got my Toyota Tacoma Prerunner for $888 below invoice. The other bids were $956 below invoice, $725 below, $565 below, $175 over invoice and $1,140 over invoice. I have referred your service to others, and at least 3 co-workers are happy customers. I will use it again in two years when I have to buy my daughter and my wife new cars. Your package is very thorough, complete and extremely informative."

  • D. B., Lawrenceville, GA

  • "With the recent run-up in fuel prices and the issues with Prius production and potential parts shortages, the Jetta TDI sedan has been a "hot car." I'd seen a $4,000 'additional dealer markup' on one TDI window sticker the day before I talked to you. But I stuck to the recommended plan and started calling dealers. By the next day I had six quotes, from $1,050 over invoice to $406 below invoice. I was pleased with $400 under, but when I started calling back dealers it really got interesting."

    "The dealer with the second best quote said, "$406 under invoice, huh? I was afraid of that. All right, I want to play!" He said he'd just lost a deal over a $12 price difference to someone using exactly the same approach. He thought the whole thing was "genius," and that whoever put it together must have worked in the auto industry. He said he'd get back to me quickly, and he did. When the email came in I was shocked. He had dropped from $18 under invoice to $1,291 under!"

    "I then called the dealer with the $406 under quote, who very quickly said he would sell the car for $1,400 below invoice. I was ok with this, since he had my wife's favorite color, and I didn't want to turn it into even more of a bidding war anyway. I signed the papers that night."

    "The next morning I got a call from the $406 under invoice guy. He told me that his boss did NOT want to lose this deal. I told him we'd already made a deal with another dealer. He put his boss (fleet manager) on the line, who said he would save us an extra $500 ($1,900 below invoice)! When I told him we'd already signed the papers with the other dealer, he said they were willing to lose $2,000 selling the car to me in order to get a $35,000 to $70,000 'below-the-line' bonus from VW that month."

    "What a different experience from the last car we bought! I may have jumped the gun a bit by buying on the 30th instead of the 31st, but I'm still happy with the deal I got. I'll definitely recommend your service to anyone who plans to buy a car, and I'll be back when it's time for me to upgrade. Thanks again!"

  • M.P., Pleasanton, CA

  • "Thank you so much for providing this amazing information service. It was the best car-buying experience ever! The process protected my family's assets and ensured that I received the best deal on a new car without wondering if I could have done any better. Best of all, we got exactly what we wanted, a Hyundai Sonata SE Turbo, for $793 below the invoice price. Other bids: $344 over invoice, $491 over and $1,539 over. That's a $2,332 spread between the high and low bids! The winning dealer was amazed at how efficient and knowledgeable I was."

  • R. T., Miami, FL

  • "Got my Acura TL for a whopping $1,535 below the dealer invoice. The other bids: $800 below, $550 over invoice, $1,000 over and $1,600 over. A $3,135 spread between the low and high bidder!"

  • G. B., Cordova, TN

  • "I purchased a Hyundai Santa Fe Limited for $1,123 below the dealer invoice price — a price I never would have thought possible if I'd followed the ‘target price’ numbers on those automotive web sites telling me what would be a ‘Good Price,’ a ‘Great Price’, a ‘Fair Market Price’ or the ‘True Market Value’.”

    “Only Fighting Chance told me the whole truth about the real financial relationship between auto companies and their dealers. That dealers get secret ‘below-the-line’ revenue from automakers that reduces their ‘actual dealer costs’ dramatically. Revenue that dwarfs what they get in ‘holdback’ and is not attached to the sale of any specific vehicle. Incentive programs that no one can tell you about in detail, but ones with rewards so substantial that dealers who are close to getting big bonus checks are willing to lose money on deals to reach their sales targets. Your package also explained to me where the money comes from for those secret programs.”

    “Knowing that, I understood why it was bone-stupid to shoot for a "target price" based on a bogus assumption of ‘the real dealer cost.' That the objective wasn't to get a specific price, but to get the best deal available in my market for the vehicle I wanted. And that that price is often much better than any target price I'd find on the Internet. So I followed your straightforward, step-by-step instructions on how to do that, and the results I got confirmed the wisdom of their approach.”

    “The winning bid was $1,123 below the dealer invoice. The other bids: $1,105 below invoice, $385 below invoice, two right at the invoice price, $238 over invoice, $591 over invoice and $1,074 over invoice. That’s a $2,200 difference between the high and low bids! And this month's low bidder could be next month's high bidder, depending on where a given dealership stands against its secret, below-the-line objectives.”

    “P.S. The winning sales manager asked me not to share my approach with any other potential customers. I promised I wouldn’t.”

  • A. Z., Harrisburg, PA

  • "Best $40 I've ever spent! I paid $962 below the dealer invoice for my Toyota Prius II. The other bids received: $3,335 over invoice(!) $947 over. $731 over. $431 over. $147 over. $65 below invoice. $124 below. $363 below. And $569 below."

  • K. K., San Francisco, CA

  • "I want to say how much fun I had using your technique. Sitting back and watching dealers devour their young to earn my business was really exciting and reaffirms my faith in the capitalist system!"

    "There were three bidders at the same level ($1,250 under invoice), but the winner also threw in two nice items: three free oil changes and (the kicker that put them over the top) free airport parking at LAX for the entire time I own the car! (That dealership is close to the airport.) As a frequent traveler, this could save me a couple of thousand dollars over the 4-5 years I own the car. The other two stepped up with perks like free rental cars during warranty service and a lifetime of free oil changes, but the unique advantage of the LAX dealer was too much to overcome."

    "After the checks were exchanged and the contracts signed, the dealer candidly showed me on his computer screen that they had lost $547 on the deal, but given the hefty sales volume and CSI bonus hanging out there this month, it was well worth it to put a point on the board in advance of the Memorial Day weekend."

    "Thanks again for your idiot-proof package. I have two buddies who raved about your service, and our circle of friends will now have three fans."

  • M. S., Palmdale, CA

  • "I paid$200 under invoice for my BMW 528i. Your advice was very good. Had I followed Edmunds or Kelley's price recommendations, I would have spent at least $1,000 more. Your package was very thorough and easy to understand. Thank you for the information and the education."

  • J. T., Simi Valley, CA

  • "I got my Infiniti G25x AWD for a whopping $1,846 below invoice - amazing! Thank you so much for your advice and your telephone help with my questions. It's been the best car-buying experience I've ever had!."

  • M. Z., Alexandria, VA

  • "In May, when the negative effect of the Japanese earthquake had already depleted Toyota inventories, we got a Toyota Highlander for $47.35 over invoice. The other bids: $289 below invoice (less desirable color), $560 over invoice, $848 over, $1,177 over and a whopping $2,446 over invoice. If you do't make it competitive, you'll never know how much you could have saved."

  • L. B., Greensboro, NC

  • "I followed your advice step-by-step and got my VW EOS convertible for $,1700 below invoice, which I'm ecstatic about! The sales rep who was helping me out and my boyfriend couldn't believe I pulled off a deal like this. the dealership[ staff even teased me as "a thief.""

  • R. F., South San Francisco, CA

  • "The Prius III was in high demand. But by following your advice, we got ours for $200 below invoice. We received 8 higher bids, 4 of which were $1,000 or more over invoice. The difference between our price and the highest offer was a whopping $2,800! Thanks for the great info!"

  • B.C., Candler, NC

  • "We got our Mazda CX-9 for $473 below invoice. Other bids: right at invoice and several from $500 over invoice to almost $3,000 over. I don't think I could have gotten a better deal. And the winning dealer even admitted that this was really the right way to buy a new car!"

  • G. H., Cherry Hill, NJ

  • "I paid $753 below invoice for a Lexus RX 350. The other bids: $5,531 over invoice, $2,268 over, $1,719 over, $666 over, $597 over, $535 over, $203 below invoice and $163 below. A $6,284 difference between the high and low bidder!."

  • A. L., Santa Clara, CA

  • "I got my Audi S5 coupe for $1,100 below invoice. The dealer wanted $3,200 for an Audi Platinum warranty. Taking your advice, I shopped around on the Internet and got an email quote from an East Coast dealer for $1,950, and the selling dealer came back with $1,999. Thanks for the advice in your package and for being available on the phone. This is the fourth car I've purchased with your information over the years."

  • S. F., Marina del Rey, CA

  • "I got my Ford Mustang GT Premium model for $900 below invoice. I've gotta tell you, I'll never purchase a car the old fashioned way again! And I'll be sure to tell my family and friends about Fighting Chance. It was so worth the price of the package! Thank you so much."

  • G. S., Warrenton, VA

  • "This is the third time I have used your service, and once again I am a very happy customer. My deal for a Volvo XC60 lease: $1,770 below invoice. I had proposals from 9 dealers, and in the end I had 4 very aggressive dealers going back and forth before the final deal was made. I probably could have kept going and gotten a better price, but it was at the point where deals were only going down $100 at a time, and it was not worth the effort to go further. I do this every three years when my lease is up. By using your magnificent methodology for leasing a car, the process is actually a fun experience. I was glad that you were there to help me once again by going over the numbers with me before I signed the lease. I hope that you'll be there the next time."

  • R. P., Ft. Lee, NJ

  • "The process worked just as you laid it out. I started on Tuesday and had the best offer by Thursday after a couple of rounds of price negotiations. Got my F-150 Lariat for $1,621 below invoice. Other bids: $1,088 below invoice, $49 over invoice, $849 over and $880 over — a $2,500 difference between the high and the low bid! Thanks for your help."

  • C. G., Seabrook, TX

  • "Thank you Fighting Chance for the very valuable information and advice. I got my BMW 528 for $200 under invoice. (Other bids: $800 over invoice, $700 over and $400 over.) Had I followed Edmunds or Kelley Blue Book advice, I would have paid at least $1,000 more. Your information was very thorough and easy to understand."
  • J. T., Simi Valley, CA

  • "Got a Nissan Murano SL for $1,832 below invoice! Other bids ranged from $1,000 below invoice to $500 over invoice. This is the 5th car I have purchased using your information. You're the best!"

  • A. L., Green Cove Springs, FL

  • "We paid $1,130 below invoice for our Subaru Outback 3.6R Limited. Other bids: $630 below, $330 below and several at the invoice price. The price we paid is $1,402 less than Edmunds' TMV (True Market Value). Compared to Edmunds, Fighting Chance is the REAL true market value!"
  • M. H., Denver, CO

  • "I paid $500 below invoice for a Ford Escape Limited. Received other bids of $200 under and right at invoice. This is the second time I've used Fighting Chance successfully. The last time it was for Lexus GS 300 which had just been redesigned. Almost no one was willing to bargain below MSRP that early in the introductory period, but one dealer sold me the car then for $3,000 less. I tell everyone I can about your service and am going to email all my contacts to tell them to check out your web site. You guys rock! Keep up the good work."

  • M. M., Safety Harbor, FLA

  • "My Altima Coupe sold for $1,779 below invoice. The other bids: $884 over invoice, $754 over, $299 over, $213 over, $153 below invoice, $561 below and $715 below. A $2,663 difference between the high and low prices! Tank you!"

  • R. C., Cantonment, FL

  • "I got my Infiniti G25x AWD with Sunroof for $1,846 under dealer invoice - amazing! Thanks so much for your advice. It's been the best car-buying experience I've ever had!"

  • M. Z., Alexandria, VA

  • "I paid $1,200 under invoice for my Mazda3 Sport Hatchback. The other price proposals were $1,190 under invoice,$1,000 under, $500 under and $140 under. I sealed the deal by the close of business that day. Your advice and process made this the least painful car purchase ever!"

  • J. C., Havertown, PA

  • "Great advice! The process turned out to be much easier than expected! The Honda Pilot we wanted was very hard to find in stock, but we got ours for $855 below invoice. The other bids: right at invoice; $295 above invoice (2); $693 above; $1,163 above; and $1,793 above."

  • A. T., Long Beach, CA

  • "I paid $216 below invoice for the hot new Odyssey. The other offers: $220 over invoice; $,1000 over (2); $1,099 over; and $1,495 over. I've done this three times with you and love the info and the process, which you keep refining. Nice work!!!"
  • G. W., Hull, MA

  • "This is the first time I've bought a car and not felt hassled or cheated. I got nine price proposals for my 2Subaru Forester, and they ranged from $1,692 over invoice to $1,332 below invoice. A spread of over $3,000 from high to low! Many thanks!"

  • B. L., South Orange, NJ

  • "I got my Hyundai Tucson Limited for $887 below invoice. (That dealer's original bid was $2,000 over invoice.)"
  • R. S., Fremont, CA

  • "I paid $708 below invoice for a Honda CR-V. The sales managers were happy to take my call and give me the numbers. The happy winner had everything ready for me when I arrived to close the deal. This vehicle was for my daughter, and you made me look like a financial wizard to her when she saw the numbers. I hope you don't mind that I took the credit!
  • W. W., Norridge, IL.

  • "Thanks for great information! We got our Hyundai Sonata SE for $1,475 below invoice. Other bids: $1,450 below, $1,000 below, $800 below, $700 below, $500 below, $200 below, right at invoice, $50 over invoice and $250 over. I've already highly recommended your site to my friends. "
  • B. W., Winston-Salem, NC

  • "You provide a phenomenal service! Made car buying an exciting process as opposed to a dreadful experience of haggling all day with a car salesman at a dealership. Got my Honda Accord for $690 under invoice. Several dealerships bid for the best deal, and the only time I spent in the dealership was signing the papers."
  • D. S., Falls Church, VA

  • "I just bought your package and finished reading the entire thing. I want to say this is hands-down the BEST collection of information I have ever seen about the business of selling cars, and I am actually looking forward to the process. It's going to be a lot of fun. I'll be sure to share the results with you, and I'll probably call you to ask a few specific questions. Be assured I'll recommend this to everyone I know who's even considering a new car. I've done a LOT of research in the last few weeks, and what you provide is more useful than everything else I've stumbled across, combined."
  • P. M., Queens, NY

  • "I got my Toyota Tacoma for $930 below the dealer invoice. Several competing dealers said, 'Wow, I can't believe that quote! Grab it fast!' The selling dealer said, 'I can't believe how informed you are and how you did this. Please don't tell anyone else how you got this great deal!' Thanks so much. You guys are the greatest!"
  • K. G., Charlestown, NH

  • "This is the fourth car we have bought using your package and advice, and we have been very pleased every time. We got our Honda CR-V EX-L w/Navigation for $901 under invoice! And we got 1.9% financing for 60 months. Thank you again for your assistance.

  • C. W. H., Yellow Springs, OH

  • "I will never set foot in a car dealership again to negotiate a deal! Your advice enabled me to purchase a car in the most painless way possible. I got my Infiniti G coupe for $250 under dealer invoice — $1,000 less than the local dealer was offering! And I enjoyed sitting back and watching dealers compete with each other."
  • C. C., Sarasota, FL

  • "I can only reiterate what many others have said — your program is amazing! Having purchased new cars and trucks for more years than I can count, I have never had a buying experience like the one I just concluded. I was preparing to do battle the same way I've done the past. I went to the Consumer Reports website to download prices for a Nissan Murano, only to find that website had no listings for the current models. Frustrated, I began a general Internet search for any information I could find and fortuitously stumbled onto your site. Reading virtually everything you wrote, I found your presentation refreshing as well as informative and decided to take a chance."

    "I can say without any reservation that the money spent on your complete (and I do mean complete) package was a bargain and paid for itself many, many times over. We settled on a sale at the dealer's invoice price and could not be more pleased. Even after officially closing the deal, we had dealers continuing to call in an attempt to"sweeten" the deal even further. Unbelievable! You may rest assured that all of my car-buying friends will be directed to your website."

    "Incidentally, my wife, who absolutely detests the "usual" negotiating tactics associated with purchasing a car (and never, never gets involved), handled this entire purchase completely on her own from start to finish and was comfortable throughout."

  • S. P., Marysville, CA

  • "We got our Honda Accord for $500 BELOW invoice, and this has to have been the easiest and smoothest new-car buying experience we've ever had. This is the only way to buy a car!"

  • B. L. S., Dallas, TX

  • "I paid $1,082 below invoice for for my Mazda3-s Grand Touring model. The other bids: $340 below invoice, $459 below and $670 below. Thanks for the excellent information. I tell all my friends. They cannot believe what I paid for this car. I agree with what others have said: "This is the only way I will buy another new car."
  • B. N., University Place, WA

  • "I paid $1,650 BELOW invoice for my Altima Hybrid. The dealer mentioned there was a $50,000 incentive to the dealership if they made their overall sales numbers, and clearly, they were going all-out to get that bonus check."

  • L. F., Santa Rosa, CA

  • "Like many others, I was skeptical about how well getting competitive price proposals would work for me. But the principles behind it were so logical and the testimonials so convincing, I had to try it. I contacted dealers and sent out my faxes and emails exactly as instructed, at month-end, and decided that if I could get my new Honda CR-V for $500 over invoice, I'd be happy. When my husband called to tell me we had an offer for $1,000 BELOW invoice, I was completely shocked! It was the best of 10 offers we had, all below invoice. Your service is outstanding!"

  • K. A., Chicago, IL

  • "Thanks to you and your work, I was able to purchase a Hyundai Veracruz Limited AWD for $1,520 UNDER invoice! Your information was "spot on" and made my negotiations much easier. It's a great feeling of power to have dealers fighting over you. I began my car-buying process by calling Costco and getting a price from a dealer who participates in their program. The 'deal' i got from them — which any Costco member would get — was $100 OVER invoice. So you saved me more than $1,600. I'd say that's a pretty good return on the cost of your info package."

  • E. M., Phoenixville, PA

  • "First, I want to say how impressed I was with the Fighting Chance information package. It absolutely blew away the Consumer Reports New Car Report. No question yours was a better value. And within 15 minutes of sending out my faxes and emails I received an offer of $300 below invoice for the Honda Accord I wanted. I'm a believer."
  • D. H., Seattle, WA

  • "We just purchased our Mazda CX-9 for $1,925 UNDER invoice (no incentives) — our second successful purchase using your information in the past year. My husband and I used to tremble at the tought of buying a new car, but we have come to really enjoy the process! It's fun to see how low they will go with competitive price proposals, then just show up at the dealership to sign the papers and drive off. We couldn't have gotten the deals we got without your help! We tell all of our friends about your service, and you will be hearing from them when they're ready to buy a new car. They can't believe the deals we've gotten."
  • S. T., Knoxville, TN

  • "Never mind what you've heard -- a Lexus dealer's reluctance to dicker is highly exaggerated! I got good responses from the 'fax/email attack' on the Lexus ES from several dealers in California (but not from my local dealer in Las Vegas). In fact, these dealers had a little war over my business, each trying to undercut the other! The end result is that I paid $68.56 over invoice, and they delivered it to my front door for free! My dealer even paid for his return flight out of his own pocket because he needed that extra sale at the end of the month to reach his bonus target. As a woman, I regard the competitive bidding approach as the great equalizer. I hope to never set foot in a dealer's showroom again!"
  • M. H., Las Vegas, NV

  • "We used the 'fax/email attack' to get our Chrysler Town & Country LXi FWD right at the dealer invoice price. Your advice worked perfectly."
  • D. S., Midlothian, VA

  • "We got our Nissan Murano for $150 below invoice. The winning business manager said that this method was the neatest thing that he had seen, and that if he did not work at a dealership, it is how he would buy a car. I just bit my tongue and stifled the urge to tell him of your great service."

  • S. H., Norman, OK

  • "That's the best $39.95 I have ever spent. I never would have thought about using the "fax/email attack" to get dealers to bid competitively to sell me a car, instead of walking into several dealerships to negotiate in person. The information you sent me was wonderful. I got my Jeep Grand Cherokee for $500 below dealer invoice.."
  • P. F., Augusta, ME

  • "We got price proposals from several dealerships, then drove an hour to get the exact VW Passat we wanted for just $200 over invoice. Without your information package, we could have ended up like the woman we met at the service station the next day. She bought the exact same car we did, on the same day. She walked into the nearest dealership and was ecstatic to find her perfect car. She was less than ecstatic when she learned she'd paid $2,000 more than we did."

  • L. H., San Jose, CA

  • "It is a wonderful feeling to buy a new vehicle and drive away knowing you got the best deal possible. Using the 'fax/email attack', I purchased my new red Mustang for $278 above dealer invoice. It was so easy it almost scared me. The information you provided is invaluable."

  • L. Q., Whitesburg, KY

  • "When my girlfriend was test driving cars, she was intimidated by the buying process. But using your information package, she felt empowered and enjoyed making dealers compete for her business. She got her Subaru Impreza Outback Sport for $795 below invoice, and the salespeople treated her with respect once they realized that she had the information she needed to control the process."
  • K. J., San Jose, CA

  • "The Highlander was not easy to deal on. The dealers in our immediate area were quoting anywhere from $2,000 over invoice to (believe it or not) $4,000 over invoice. One Chicago dealer offered $1,000 over invoice. We almost took that one, but I'm glad we didn't. At your suggestion, we contacted 4 Toyota dealers in the Milwaukee area, about 120 miles away. One of those Wisconsin dealers offered the Highlander we wanted for just $600 over invoice, and we accepted. I am so glad that we found Fighting Chance and the 'fax/email attack'.' It feels so good to be the CAT and not the MOUSE!"
  • N. B., Naperville, IL

  • "We got our Infiniti G37x AWD sedan for $1,735 below the dealer invoice price. The other bids: $301 below invoice, $1,167 below, $1,228 below, $1,301 below, $1,500 below, $1,600 below, $1,757 below and $1,904 below (not our first color choice). This is such a powerful program, and I will recommend it to friends/family whenever they're in the market for a new car."

  • C. D., Schwenksville, PA

  • "Your system worked exteremely well. I purchased my Hyundai Tucson today for $990 below the dealer invoice price — a price that was $1,500 less than what the same dealer offered me a week ago when I went in to test drive the car!"
  • M. C., Anaheim, CA

  • "I purchased my Toyota Sienna LE for $1,000 under invoice. I found out that with "fleet buying services" like Cosco's, you pay $500 over invoice for that vehicle. I used to think that was a good deal. In this case I spent $1,500 less than people using the Cosco fleet services. I will never buy a car again without using your information and the 'fax/email attack.'"

  • D. T., Westminster, CA

  • "AWESOME! I feel like I owe you money for saving me money. I have purchased your service twice and had unbelievable results, like clockwork. I purchased a Honda Ridgeline RLT with leather for $1,400 below dealer invoice. Dealers were in a feeding frenzy to get me to buy the truck. One even offered to throw in an extra bed extender at no cost. You give me everything I need (the approach, tools, techniques, what to say, and how to close the deal) to have knock-out savings."

  • K. R., St. Louis, MO

  • "I originally ordered the Fighting Chance info package to find out if there were any incentives going on that I could use in my favor in the negotiation. I had already talked to one dealer, and he was going to sell me the Jeep Wrangler I wanted for $300 over invoice. I thought that was a good price after talking to people who had bought similar Jeeps. For whatever reason, I decided to try your competitive bidding approach. But honestly, I didn't believe it would work. I thought it was some sort of gimmick. I don't know why I tried it, other than being curious about what would happen. Every single dealer I contacted was willing to sell me the Jeep I wanted for less than the dealer I had visited. In the end, I got it for $300 below invoice, so your $39.95 package saved me $600."
  • M. H., Kansas City, MO

  • "I paid $1,200 below invoice for my Dodge Ram 2500. I will never buy a car any other way. It was so easy."
  • E. T., Atlanta, GA

  • "Using the 'fax/email attack,' I paid $500 over the dealer's invoice for a new Toyota 4Runner, and the entire process was hassle-free! I could not have done this without the Fighting Chance package. Compared to the purchase of my last car, I saved $1,800 as well as countless hours dickering with sales people"
  • J. B. D., San Jose, CA

  • "I bought my Subaru Impreza wagon for $230 under dealer invoice, and I want to thank you for giving me the courage and information to do this. The Fleet Manager said he was glad he dealt with me because I knew more about what I was doing than any of their salesman did."

  • J. K., Buffalo, NY

  • "You guys rock! I was a bit skeptical, but a car is such a huge purchase and your web site seemed to have such good advice. So I took the plunge, and it's the best money I ever spent! I knew from looking at the web site that I should have been able to find a Honda CR-V EX automatic for about $600 over dealer invoice if I drove around 100-150 miles toward the Bay Area. In my area, just east of Sacramento, said I ought to be able to buy it at $1,300 over dealer invoice. I figured if I could get a bit below $600 over dealer invoice, I would be really pleased. I ended up contacting 15 dealers, covering the local area, receiving 6 responses. Amounts over invoice: $750, $500, $300, $200, $200, and $0! I purchased my wife's red CR-V from the Livermore dealer who bid right at the invoice price. When I went back to my credit union to take care of the paperwork, the Loan Officer was shocked at the price. My wife and I are thrilled, and we can't thank you enough. "
  • D. H., El Dorado Hills, CA

  • "I followed your instructions to the letter and got a Honda Accord SE for $850 below invoice. This is the only time that I've felt in control of the entire car purchasing transaction. My husband, who is normally sparing with praise, keeps commenting on what a good deal I got!"

  • M. D., Baltimore, MD

  • "I will never buy a car any other way again. We got our Toyota Matrix for $197 below invoice. It was so nice not to have to deal with a salesman. Instead, we were signing the papers with the guy in the suit and tie. I almost felt sorry for the other customers there, but I was too busy ENJOYING my car-buying experience. Thank you!"
  • R. D., Milwaukee, WI

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